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Pomeranian Area at Infoshare 2023

Another edition of the Infoshare conference is behind us. On May 24-25, representatives of the IT industry gathered at the AmberExpo in Gdańsk to discuss the future of the industry.

Infoshare Conference is the largest technological event in Central and Eastern Europe. Presentations, panel discussions and workshops about artificial intelligence, data processing, blockchain, the Internet of Things, digital marketing, and cybersecurity will take place on nine stages.

Once again, a distinctive feature of the conference was the Pomeranian Area. Representatives of public organizations focused on business and science jointly presented the potential of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

“We feel like hosts of the Infoshare conference. It is the largest event of its kind in Central Europe and an ideal opportunity to showcase the potential of the IT sector in the Tricity. We want to demonstrate how much we have to offer to students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and this year, we emphasize startups as well. The cooperation of public institutions has been yielding excellent results for years in terms of the dynamic development of the sector, and today we can confidently talk about the existence of the Tricity IT hub.” says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Live more. Pomerania

One of the key criteria for Pomerania recently ranking 5th in the fDi Intelligence (Mid-Sized European Regions of the Future) is the well-trained workforce. The wide availability of talents is directly linked to the unique climate of Pomerania, which encourages the integration of education, work and effective leisure time. These advantages of the region were presented by representatives of Invest in Pomerania, a local government initiative coordinated by the Pomeranian Development Agency, at the Live More. Pomerania booth. Visitors to the Pomeranian Area had the opportunity to learn about the process of creating a diverse community living in a dynamically developing urban fabric.

The Fahrenheit Union

The Fahrenheit University Union, formed by the Medical University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology, and the University of Gdańsk, presented a new initiative to visitors called the “one-stop-shop for business.” In this collaborative business service point, companies receive comprehensive information regarding collaboration with research and scientific institutions, gaining access to a wide range of research services and modern infrastructure, as well as the opportunity to form interdisciplinary project teams. During Infoshare, prototypes and technological applications were showcased, which were developed as part of projects carried out in collaboration with university teams. These included an air purification device that utilizes photocatalysis to remove coronaviruses, a non-invasive device for detecting E. coli bacteria to prevent urosepsis, and the “Crystal Ball,” allowing for three-dimensional registration of ionizing radiation dose distribution, potentially applicable in cancer radiotherapy and radiological protection. The possibilities of prototyping and constructing hardware solutions for research in the areas of optoelectronics, spectroscopy, imaging, and physical measurements for industrial use were also presented.


Representatives of InvestGDA shared insights into investor acquisition and comprehensive support for the investment process, including strategic, financial, and managerial consultancy. The region’s development is made possible through pre-investment and development analyses, as well as the anticipation of problematic areas and the implementation of improvements. InvestGDA engages in responsible business practices, supporting social areas, education, and the environment. As part of the Education for Business program, they implement initiatives such as patronage class programs, targeted fields of study (strategic for national development policies), vocational courses, and internships.

Incubator Starter

The Starter Incubator team presented a wide range of services aimed at empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and supporting startups. These services include office space for companies, coworking areas, virtual offices, and a conference and training center. They also promoted various incubator projects such as Techseed, Business Booster, Hej Start-up, Newton Room, and the Youth Council of Starter.

Pomeranian Special Economic Zone

The Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSSE) and the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park (GPN-T) showcased their projects, with representatives providing guidance to companies on obtaining tax relief for investments in the Polish Investment Zone. Startups had the opportunity to explore the range of acceleration programs offered by the Zone in collaboration with local companies in our region. Consultations with Park staff and Mentors were also available. The relaxed format of conversations, conducted on holiday loungers with sweet treats, guaranteed a friendly atmosphere and fruitful networking.

Pomeranian Startups Panel

As a complement to the landscape of personal development opportunities in Pomerania, the Invest in Pomerania team prepared a panel discussion titled “Innovative solutions for global challenges. Startup stories from Pomerania” (May 25, 14:20). It was moderated by representatives from startups that have chosen to develop their businesses in Pomerania: Nanoseen, Vendue tech, Finalrentals, Am Builder, and Quantum Cybersecurity Group. They shared their stories and innovative solutions that address the challenges posed by the post-modern daily life, such as ubiquitous digitization, dynamic processes, increasing outsourcing, and geopolitical changes.

The panel provided an excellent opportunity to delve into specific case studies and hear firsthand about the practical aspects of startup development in Pomerania.

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  • data: 2023-05-26