Misson, aims, scope of activities

Our mission

We act in favour of sustained socio-economic development of the Pomerania Region; we provide assistance to businesses and the local authorities; initiate and support economic ventures of regional significance.

Our aims

  • Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Assisting regional and local authorities in implementation of regional policy
  • Supporting Pomeranian local authorities and SMEs in obtaining EU funds
  • Promoting the Pomerania Region
  • Supporting the investment processes in the region
  • International and interregional cooperation

Scope of activities

Entrepreneurship Development    

  • Conducting surveys of SME sector
  • Providing consultation and information services related to accessibility of financial assistance – European and Non-European funds
  • Providing assistance in drawing up application procedures to operational programmes

Investment promotion of the region and investor assistance

  • Providing assistance to the investors considering investment in the region
  • Organising trade missions
  • Promotion the region’s investment opportunities by undertaking our own promotion activities or by participating in joint initiatives in collaboration with local government
  • Preparing promotional materials about the region

    more information: Invest in Pomerania

Capital Found

  • Investing in innovative business ideas
  • Creating and development companies with an above-average rate of potential growth
    more information: Capital Found 

Implementing SME financial assistance schemes

  • Assessing applications for EU grants in terms of their technical correctness and their eligibility i.e. their compliance with the objectives set out in the programmes
  • Promoting and providing information about available EU grants
  • Drawing up and signing subsidy contracts
  • Monitoring of projects’ progress
  • Handling payments claims
  • Reporting
  • Technical and administrative assistance of EU programmes
  • Co-operation with Polish Entrepreneurship Development Agency, Marshal Office and other institutions in implementing SME financial assistance schemes