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Our mission

We act in favour of sustained socio-economic development of the Pomorskie Region; we provide assistance to businesses and the local authorities; initiate and support economic ventures of regional significance.

Our aims
  • supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • assisting regional and local authorities in implementation of regional policy
  • supporting Pomeranian local authorities and SMEs in obtaining EU funds
  • promoting the Pomorskie Region
  • supporting the investment processes in the region
  • international and interregional cooperation
Scope of activities

Implementing SME financial assistance schemes

  • assessing applications for EU grants in terms of their technical correctness and their eligibility i.e. their compliance with the objectives set out in the programmes;
  • promoting and providing information about available EU grants;
  • drawing up and signing subsidy contracts;
  • monitoring of projects’ progress;
  • handling payments claims;
  • reporting;
  • technical and administrative assistance of EU programmes;
  • co-operation with Polish Entrepreneurship Development  Agency, Marshal Office and other institutions in implementing SME financial assistance schemes.

Entrepreneurship Development    

  • conducting surveys of SME sector;
  • providing consultation and information services related to accessibility of financial assistance  – European and Non-European funds;
  • providing assistance in drawing up application procedures to operational programmes;

Investment promotion of the region and investor assistance

  • providing assistance to the investors considering investment in the region;
  • organising trade missions;
  • promotion the region’s investment opportunities by undertaking our own promotion activities or by participating in joint initiatives in collaboration with local government;
  • preparing promotional materials about the region.

Information and Training

Organising meetings and trainings for local government, regional institutions, entrepreneurs, and people interested in the issues related to regional development and European integration.  


supportedThe Project has been co-financed by the European Union
from the European Regional Development Fund