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2019.05.24 11:52




What is the aim of the project?


Main aim of the RespEn Project is raising the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized companies from South Baltic region by implementing Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Project, by offering participation in workshops, study visits and match-making meetings will enable Polish and Swedish firms to get acquainted with the essential rules of Corporate Social Responsibility and opportunities of establishing international business cooperation.

The project enables micro, small and medium-sized companies in Poland and Sweden to enrich their knowledge in the following fields:

  • Tools used in managing Corporate Social Responsibility,
  • Creating and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility strategy,
  • Requirements of foreign producers towards suppliers in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility,
  • Existing norms, standardizing Corporate Social Responsibility management systems
  • Possibilities of certifying the implemented solutions (e.g. ISO 14000, ISO 26000)

Research of the Corporate Social Responsibility implementation level in micro, small and medium-sized companies in Poland and Sweden, conducted within the project, will enable to find answer to a question concerning the number of entrepreneurs which decided to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility – related activities, what experiences they faced and what needs arose while designing and introducing them.


What are the potential business benefits of Corporate Social Responsibilities?


Who is the Project addressed to?

To employees and owners of micro, small and medium-sized companies in Poland and Sweden, especially to entrepreneurs from Pomerania and Kalmar region. We invite to cooperation:

  • company owners,
  • senior and middle management,
  • marketing specialists,
  • Public Relations specialists,
  • Human Resources management,
  • logistics management,
  • quality management specialists,
  • environmental protection specialists.

Project partners:

  • Pomerania Development Agency Co.
  • Pomeranian Chamber of Crafts for Small and Medium Enterprises In Gdańsk
  • Responsible Business Forum

Project budget:

863 105 EUR

Project duration:

June 2010  – November 2012


Monika Michałowska

Project Manager
phone: 58 32 33 245


Marcelina Przybysz
Communication Manager
phone: 58 32 33 145


supportedThe Project has been co-financed by the European Union
from the European Regional Development Fund