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Labour market

Inhabitants of the Pomorskie Voivodship constitute a young society, with 64.3% of working age population and 21.8% pre-working age. Also, in the forecasts for twenty years the percentage of the working age population is 61–64%. This means that both foreign investors and domestic entrepreneurs have constant and easy access to labour force.
Employment figures released by The Central Statistical Office showed that in Pomerania there are 656,250 employed persons working, including 183,500 in the public sector and 472,750 in the private sector.

Earnings in Pomeranian companies are relatively high compared to other parts of the region. At the end of  the average pay in industry was gross 3222,87 PLN (101,6% of Poland’s average).

The employment structure in the region is very similar to that in developed countries. Almost one third of people are employed in industry, and the remaining part are employed in services. Employment in agriculture is only 1.3%.

The sectors which noted growth of employment were: services, trade, education, storage management and communication, and also real estate, renting and business activities. Employment reduction affected manufacturing, construction and fishery.

The unemployment rate in Pomorskie has dropped to  8.0% (September 2008) and it is slightly lower than the national average. As for the structure of unemployment, the proportion of female constitute 65.6% of the total unemployed population. Geographically speaking, the unemployment rate varies greatly within the region. The lowest rate is recorded in the Tri-City (Gdansk – 3.3%, Gdynia – 2.3%, Sopot – 2.3%).The situation is worse in poviats outside the Tricity.


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