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There are three levels of self-government administration: gmina, poviat and voivodship. They correspond to NUTS-2 in EU classification.


Gmina (also: commune, municipality)  is the smallest unit in the local government system. There are urban, rural and mixed gminas. The gmina’s organs is council with local legislative powers and executive power is pursued by a mayor, who depending on the gmina’s size can be called a wójt, burmistrz or president.
In the Pomorskie Voivodship there are 123 gminas, including 25 urban, 17 mixed and 81 rural gminas.


Poviat is the second level of local government. The law-making organ is a poviat council, while an executive officer elected by the council is called a starosta.
Pomorskie Voivodship is divided into 20 poviats, including four – Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia and Słupsk – that are cities with poviat authority.


On the voivodship level the self-government is represented by a Marshall with its Marshall Office, while a Voivid is regional representative of central government. The Voivodship Parliament (Sejmik) with 33 councillors is responsible for setting and planning main guidelines for regional economic development, while the Voivodship Board consisting of five members headed by a Marshall has executive powers.
The Voivod being the state regional representative is a guardian of state law and interests in the region. The Voivod is also responsible for public security, some civic issues and representing the central government. The voivodship’s role has increased after Poland’s EU accession due to a very significant EU regional policy.

The investor’s most significant point of contact is on the gmina level. It is where land development is decided and where land zoning is done. Local government also defines economic development as it is up to the gmina council where the sites are available for certain types of investment projects and what type of business is prioritised. The poviat level pursues part of the responsibilities of the central government, and the part which may be interesting to investors is construction supervision.

Since Poland’s EU accession every voivodship self-government is responsible for co-ordinations of EU structural funds in Poland at the regional level.


Office of the Marshall of the Pomorskie Voivodship
21/27 Okopowa St., 80-810 Gdańsk

Pomorskie Voivodship Office in Gdańsk
21/27 Okopowa St., 80-810 Gdańsk


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