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2019.06.25 15:56




InterMareC (completed project)

InterMareC, a cooperation project between the three coastal regions Schleswig-Holstein/ Germany, Brittany/ France and Pomorskie/ Poland, focus on the initiation, development and establishment of an interregional maritime cluster.

Using the strategy of an operational cluster facilitation associated with the incentive of sub-project grants, InterMareC has started to create significant impulses for the maritime economy and job markets in the three regions.

The development of innovative cooperation between maritime companies, scientists and public authorities (Triple-Helix-Principle) has been identified as tool to utilise existing potential for the market.
Thereby, InterMareC concentrates on three thematic fields:
• Offshore and Oceanographic Technologies,
• Coastal Services and Activities,
• Ship- and Boat-Building, Supply and Services.

InterMareC is an operation funded partly by EU Community Initiative INTERREG IIIC north zone in order to improve the effectiveness of regional development in the involved regions Schleswig-Holstein/ Germany, Bretagne/ France and Pomerania/ Poland. Thereby, the special operation type of InterMareC (Regional Framework Operation – RFO) allows the funding of so-called sub-projects by the RFO-Partners, without any additional requests to EU institutions. InterMareC represents a “mini-programme”.

InterMareC was approved on 2nd of July 2004 for 40 month. The total budget available adds up to 3.2 mln EURO.

“The generation of a suitable surrounding for a dynamic development of the maritime economy & research” The objective of InterMareC is to generate economic impulses and European cohesion within the maritime sector. These need transparency about competencies, the development of value-added chain and the support of national/ international co-operations by networking.

Pomerania region was represented by Pomerania Development Agency which played a role of coordinator of wok of seven following project participants from the region:

  • Maritime Institute in Gdańsk,
  • Ship Design & Research Centre,
  • Oceanography institute of Gdansk University,
  • Maritime Engineering Institute,
  • Maritime institute In Gdynia
    Gdynia Shipyard ,
  • GEOMOR-NIVA Research and Consulting Firm.

The objective of the project was to indentify development potential for maritime sector and to generate economic impulses for economic collaboration between regional partners represented by 79 participants from 46 institutions. The project delivered 20 subprojects (including 15 with Polish contribution). The majority of the partners were research centers with small group of private enterprises and public institutions. The collaboration was divided into 5 components:

C1. management& coordination;
C2.Cluster consulting;
C3. Offshore and Oceanographic Technologies;
C4. Coastal Services and Activities;
C5. Ship- and Boat-Building / Supply and Services.

The work within particular components were realized by means of interregional subprojects. The project partners from the region, coordinated by Pomerania Development Agency, took part in the following twelve subprojects:

- "MariMatch" - Maritime Matchmaking and Co-operation Forum
- "ImpulseC" - Actual implementation of a maritime cluster - tools & strategies
- "INUA" - International Network of Underwater Acoustics
- "USV" - Unmanned Surface Vehicle
- "BEAD" - Baltic environment for aquaculture development
- "ICZMnet" - Development of a network of consulting institutions and companies to support Integrated Coastal Zone Management
- "ASTIR" - Assessment Study on Requirements for Technologies, Decision Making Tools and Baseline Information Requirements for Operational Oceanography and Integrated Zone Coastal Management
- "MariMatch II" - Maritime Matchmaking and Co-operation Forum
- "Coastal Risk" - Natural and Human Risk in Coastal Zone Prediction
- "INTERMODUL" - Modularisation in ship equipment
- "MASSNet" - Maritime Security Solutions NETwork for dangerous containers

Below please find the project brochure.


supportedThe Project has been co-financed by the European Union
from the European Regional Development Fund