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Information about Operational Programme Innovation Economy

Pomerania Development Agency won the competition for Regional Financing Institution in the Pomeranian voivodeship, announced by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PAED). As a result, PDA is an institution responsible for implementing EU grants targeted at micro enterprises and SMEs, grants available in Operational Programme Innovative Economy  (POIE), measures 4.2, 4.4, 5.4.1, 6.1, 8.1 and 8.2. Such arrangements mean that all the EU grants targeted at SMEs are available in one institution. PAED has issued guidelines for RFI as to promotion of EU grants, providing information to entrepreneurs, processing applications, supervision of the methods of financial aid provision in the specific measures of OP Innovative Economy.

The main objectives and detailed measures of PO IE

The main objective of PO IE is the development of Polish economy on the basis of innovative enterprises. In the context of our region, the financial support is directed at enterprises based in Pomerania voivodeship, research centres providing services to the industry and business support institutions. There is also financial assistance for introducing systematic measures that will result in growth and development of innovative enterprises in the region.

The entrepreneurs based in Pomerania voivodeship can apply for grants available in the following measures set out in PO IE:

Measure 4.2
Stimulation of R&D activities and support for industrial design
Eligible projects:
- projects involving the development of R+D activities in enterprises,
- projects involving setting up R&D centres within an enterprise;
- projects aimed at expanding R&D centres;
- projects involving the purchase of fixed assets and intellectual property strictly related to R&D activities run in enterprise;
- projects involving the purchase of advisory services or training services aimed at developing a new industrial design as well as investments necessary to launch a new production line based on the new design.

Measure 4.4
New investments of high innovative potential
Eligible projects:
- investment projects that focus on technological innovations aimed at developing and launching new products or services;
-  projects that include training and consulting necessary to carry out the core investment projects (designed only to complement an investment project)
- projects aimed at job growth related to the new investment.

Measure 6.1
Passport to Export
The main objective is to assist entrepreneur to develop foreign trade. The scheme provides support and guidance for exporters.
Eligible projects involve:
- purchasing consulting services enabling an entrepreneur to draw up an Export Plan that covers: in-depth research on the target market for goods; recommendations as to effective promotion activities, a whole package of laws and regulations, customs, and rules that need to be applied so as specific product, service or capital can be exported to a given market.
- taking out insurance of export transitions;
- drawing up an export development strategy and implementing some of the export instruments such as:
- finding business partner on export markets;
- participating in trade fairs or exhibitions as an exhibitor;
- participation in trade missions designed to find business contacts on export markets;
- obtaining export documentation necessary to expand your business on international market.   

Measure 8.1
Support for economic activity in the field of electronic economy.
Eligible projects:
- purchase of IT , technical or consulting services resulting in launching digital products or products that develop,  provide or update e-services;
- purchase of preliminary analysis, accounting, translating services and any other expert services;
-  purchase of support services, stationery, lease or rental costs;
- promotion of the implemented solutions;
- purchase of intellectual property in the form of licence, patents, know-how and non- patented technical knowledge;
- purchase of professional training courses designed to instruct the people involved in the project how to  install and use the implemented electronic solutions.

Measure 8.2
Support for implementing B2B electronic solutions
Eligible projects involve:
- purchase of intellectual property in the form of licences, patents, know-how and non- patented technical knowledge; and in particular B2B electronic solutions software;
- purchase of new and second hand fixed assets, especially electronic devices:
- purchase of primary analysis and consulting services related to the project (e.g. IT, technology, implementation or legal issues or any other expert services), in particular services in business processes re-engineering, business reorganisation, creating separate business operations and tasks or creating virtual enterprises;
- promotion of implemented solutions;
- purchase of project relevant trainings for people involved in the project.



supportedThe Project has been co-financed by the European Union
from the European Regional Development Fund