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Regional Financing Institution

Regional Financing Institution is the biggest department within Pomerania Development Agency. By means of Regional Financing Institution, the Agency manages and administers the EU programmes directed at micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, local government units, universities and business support institutions. Regional Financing Institutions, processes and assesses applications for EU grants and in case of some programmes pays out money. Regional Development Agency has been appointed Intermediate Body II for Regional Operational Programme for Pomerania Voivodeship in 2007-2013, a body responsible for implementing axis I ( excluding measure 1.3). The Agency also plays the role of Regional Financing Institution for Operational Programme Innovative Economy (measures  4.2, 4.4, 5.4.1, 6.1, 8.1, 8.2).

The department is divided into the following sections:

Contracting Section

  • accepting and registration of applications;
  • formal evaluation of applications;
  • drawing up, signing, annexing and terminating contracts with beneficiaries;
  • accepting and verifying securities submitted to ensure effective project realisation.  

Implementing Section

  • assessing payment claims (in accordance with subsidy contract);
  • their acceptance and transfer to accounting section for payment;
  • project progress reports submitted by applicants; 
  • monitoring implementation of subsidy contracts;
  • project controlling;
  • identifying and reporting irregularities in carrying out projects.     

Co-ordination  Section

  • coordinating work of  Expert Team and Strategic Groups (Regional Programmes)and Competition Committees (Operational Programme Innovative Economy);
  • handling objections to failed applications;
  • handling external audits;
  • monitoring of completed projects (updating data base of completed projects);
  • monitoring of contracting grant allocations;
  • drawing up application procedures on the regional level;
  • promotion of EU programmes in compliance with EU guidelines; 
  • preparing reports on progress in programmes’ implementation;
  • taking part in evaluation of programmes’ implementation.

Contact details:

Jacek Zwolak
Director of Regional Financing Institution
+48 58 32 33 141

Rafał Mitianiec
Deputy Manager - Contraction Section
 +48 58 32 33 270


Katarzyna Lacka
Deputy Manager - Implementation Section
+48 58 32 33 239


supportedThe Project has been co-financed by the European Union
from the European Regional Development Fund